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Fire glass windows
60 Minutes

Thanks to its neutral surface treatment, reduced heat radiation passes through the glass in case of fire. It may be easily combined with other vitreous products.

60 Fire System - FC 37 - Datasheet (PDF)

fire cut glass
90 Minutes

Tempered safety glass with enhanced mechanical resistance that reduces the risk of breakage while being transported and during assembly. This product is particularly designed for large vitreous surfaces, and partially controls radiation in the event of fire.

90 Fire System - PC 50 - Datasheet (PDF)

fire cut glass

Borosilicate fireproof glass

Over 3 hours fire prevention time

E Classification

Borosilicate fireproof glass is made of special high borosilicate glass panel (not the normal silicate glass panel) by unique process. It is a kind of fully tempered single layer fire-resistant glass without thermal insulation function. This product has many kind of fire certificates, and the maximal fire resistant time is over three hours.

Borosilicate fireproof glass - Datasheet (PDF)